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Get Lost In My Wonderland †: Sailor Moon[ ] You’re a Cancer.[x] You’re really quite short for...

Sailor Moon

[ ] You’re a Cancer.

[x] You’re really quite short for your age.

[x] You are a hyperactive person.

[ ] Your weakness is cute boys/girls & junk food.

[ ] You’re very emotional & always seem to be crying over something.

[x] You have a black cat.

[ ] You hate school, & your least favorite subject is math.

[ ] You always seem to be late.

[x] You can be kind & loving, but you are very jealous.

[ ] You try to do good.

Total: 4 

Sailor Chibi Moon

[ ] You have/had pink (in your) hair.

[x] Your hobbies are painting/drawing.

[x] You have a total sweet tooth.

[ ] Your favorite colors would be red & pink.

[x] You’re typically childish & stubborn.

[x] But you can be selfless, kind, trusting, & wise beyond your years.

[x] You make friends very easily.

[ ] Your mother is very childish/not mother-like.

[ ] You wish you were from the future.

Total: 5

Sailor Mercury

[ ] You love school & are quite good at it/You have no least favorite subject.

[ ] You are always stressed out.

[ ] You love the color aquamarine.

[ ] You’re sign is a Virgo.

[ ] You have/had blue (in your) hair.

[ ] You are quite shy, & find it hard to make friends.

[x] You are always very kind & helpful towards everyone.

[ ] Your favorite sport is swimming.

[x] Your mom is always working.

[ ] You want to be a doctor/nurse when you’re older.

Total: 2

Sailor Mars

[ ] You have a bad temper.

[x] You hate learning about more modern history

[ ] Your dream job is to be a singer or model.

[ ] You have dated someone your friend had a crush on.

[ ] You have a friend you’re always fighting with.

[ ] You can run in high heels.

[x] Your favorite color is red & black.

[ ] You love fortune-telling.

[ ] You used to be a complete loner, but now you are popular.

[ ] Your sign is an Aries.

Total: 2

Sailor Jupiter

[ ] You hate airplanes.

[x] You’re a tomboy, but have a girly side.

[ ] You’ve always been taking care of yourself & is independent.

[ ] You’re very strong-willed.

[ ] You’re a troublemaker, or so people think.

[ ] You’re one of the tallest of your group of friends.

[ ] Your sign is a Sagittarius.

[ ] You have an ex who you’re always thinking about since everything reminds you of them.

[ ] You have dated a lot of people.

[ ] You love cooking more than anything.

Total: 1

Sailor Venus

[ ] You have a white cat.

[ ] Your favorite foods are Japanese foods.

[x] Your favorite colors are red & yellow.

[ ] You love to exercise.

[x] You are very cheerful person.

[x] You love singing.

[ ] You’re good at almost any sport.

[ ] You’re an only child.

[ ] Your sign is a Libra.

[ ] You would fake your own death. 

Total: 3

Sailor Uranus

[ ] You have short hair, enough to be mistake for a boy.

[ ] You love watching cars race or you race cars.

[ ] Your sign is an Aquarius.

[ ] You’re into the same sex as yourself.

[ ] You’re easily annoyed by people.

[ ] You have a very dry sense of humor.

[ ] You enjoy running.

[ ] You have a girlfriend.

[ ] You love to confuse people.

[ ] You’re a huge flirt.

Total: 0

Sailor Neptune

[x] You’re average height for your gender.

[ ] You’re very elegant & lady-like. 

[ ] You are into the same sex as yourself.

[ ] You have a girlfriend that you just pretend is a good friend.

[ ] You are very selfless.

[ ] You’re a Pisces.

[ ] Your least favorite food is mushrooms.

[ ] You love music more than anything.

[ ] You have/had green (in your) hair.

[x] You can play an instrument of some sort.

Total: 2

Sailor Pluto

[ ] You’re a Scorpio.

[ ] You want to be a fashion designer when you’re older.

[x] Your favorite color is dark red.

[x] You drink green tea.

[x] You are not the best at playing music.

[x] You are quite blunt with your statements.

[x] You enjoy sewing & cooking.

[x] You would be considered a loyal friend.

[ ] If you could have one superpower, it’d be to tell the future.

[ ] The bug you hate the most are cockroaches.

Total: 6

Sailor Saturn

[ ] You are by far the shortest of your group of friends.

[ ] Milk disgusts you.

[x] You enjoy reading more than anything.

[x] You hate working out because you’re considered weak.

[ ] You’re an only child.

[ ] You have very few friends.

[x] You’re a Capricorn.

[ ] You’re a very shy person.

[x] You live with your father.

[x] You care for others & appreciate sincere friendships.

Total: 5

So, according to this, I’m most like Pluto, but I can also be like Chibiusa at times and other times be like Saturn. (I just hate the fact that Chibiusa is so high in count for me)

  • 11 September 2012
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